What is Cowards?
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Cowards.co.za – Awareness Archive Directory

The aim of this website is simple:  To increase awareness around the difficulties of child and spousal maintenance, as well as warn and call out all in the sick practices of sexual abuse, harassment, and rape.  It is developed as an information community to inform, warn and protect those that need it most, our women and children!!!  Any constructive criticism about any listing is welcome, while compliments are gratefully accepted.

It is our view that information is power and that each and every person has the right to know the character traits and behaviours of people they deal with on a daily basis, whether in a personal or employment capacity.  Especially if it is very possible that they might find themselves (or their children) in a dangerous position while being in certain individual’s company.

In the end if we have prevented one single case of possible abuse, or resolved one maintenance claim, we have succeeded with this venture.

Any listings that contain hurtful or racist statements will be deleted immediately.  Cowards.co.za is not designed as a platform for vicious slander – it is designed as a highly sophisticated and economical way for individuals to highlight their plight and for respondents to give their point of view.

What to do if you have been listed?

Please highlight the portions of the information you feel are untrue, and provide us with proof to this fact.  We will then gladly remove disputed information.  However, it is up to the person being listed to prove the contrary and not the author of the listing to physically prove all information to be true.

We have assembled a team of layers and advocates who shares our vision (our Legal Eagles), and are ready to defend our authors pro-bono where disputed issues can not be amicably resolved.  So please, do not start off by threatening to sue us, you can use that money to rather pay your maintenance.  We ask you to rather try to resolve the issues to both parties’ satisfaction.


Cowards.co.za – Phase 1 (Done)

The website in it’s current form is the first phase of our vision to assist and support in child and spousal maintenance difficulties.  The aim of phase 1 it to gather as many listings as possible to highlight the seriousness of the problem.  With a large community comes negotiation power that will enable us to fulfill the vision of Cowards.co.za


Cowards.co.za – Phase 2 (Done)

In phase 2 we added to the ability for users and visitors to make small donations towards covering the running costs of this initiative. We founded Cowards.co.za as a non-profit with a huge goal:  to give everyone access to knowledge – And the tools to help correct the wrongs of the past. Forever. Please consider donating R50, or whatever you can afford, to support Cowards.co.za. It’s a small amount to inform millions. Help us do more.


Cowards.co.za – Phase 3 (In Progress)

In phase 3 the vision is to attract special offers from legal entities to assist our members in resolving their difficulties.  These will be announced at a later stage.


Cowards.co.za – Phase 4 (In Planning Phase)

In phase 4 it is our vision to allow our members to receive direct donation contributions towards their legal expenses to enable them to solve their problems in a permanent and amicable way.



If in the end we have succeeded to remove and resolve every single listing on this website platform we would have fulfilled our vision!!


Please also read through our Terms & Conditions, Disclaimer and Privacy Policy.